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      Congratulate Wincom’s success in China Fragrance, Flavor and Cosmetic Industry Outstanding Enterprises Show


      From September 12th to14th 2014, China Fragrance, Flavor and Cosmetic Industry OutstandingEnterprises Show, hosted by CAFFCI, was held in Hangzhou White HorseInternational Exhibition Center located near White Horse Lake. At exhibition,compared to products from other famous brands, with high quality,innovation andcategory variety, products from Guangdong Wincom Flavors & Fragrances Co.,Ltd. gained client’s favor and high appraisal. At the same time,the viewerswere deeply impressed by our distinctive exhibition booth. Our brandimage“Colourful Fragrace, Creative Wincom” was fully transferred to spectatorsand Wincom had a great success at exhibition. Accompanied by Wincom PresidentMr. Wu huanqing,honorary president of China Light Industry Council Mr. ChenShineng, president of China Light Industry Council Mr. Bu Zhengfa, director ofCAFFCI Mr. Chen Shaojun and Secretary-General of Guangdong Light IndustryCouncil Mr. Liao Mingwei visited Wincom exhibition booth and gave highappraisal about the achievement we got.

      During this Exhibitionas well as medal presentation ceremony of the 30th Anniversary of CAFFCIFoundation celebration, Guangdong Wincom Flavors & Fragrances Co., Ltd. wonfour big prizes, Extraordinary Enterprise Contribution Prize, TechnologyInnovation (Creation) Prize,The Most Influential Ingredient Supplier Prize,Excellent Team and Leader for Regulatory Affairs Prize. Wincom president Mr. WuHuanqing won Excellent Individual Contribution Prize and Wincom vice presidentMr. He Luoqiang’s paper Deduction of Typical Floral Note won Second Prize ofPaper Contest in this Fragrance academic symposium. For Wincom, this was fullyrecognition from industry and also an important milestone in its history ofdevelopment and growth. The recognition from industry ensured that as adeveloping enterprise in fragrance and flavor industry, Wincom gained greatindustrial influential power and leading R&D power. It also showed winom’scomprehensive strength and achievement after its foundation. In the medalpresentation ceremony, council leader gave a high appraisal to Wincomtechnology innovation power and technology cooperation between Wincom and SouthChina University of Technology, South China Agricultural University, ShanghaiInstitute of Technology, Zhongkai University of Agriculture and Engineering,Shanghai Research Institute of Fragrance & Flavor Industry, etc.universities and R&D institutions. Wincom never stops and stays in the sameplace in the development of fragrance and flavor industry.Wincomees areinsisting to their ideality. Today, full of new life and energy, together withdream, Wincom is ready to continue itsjourney!

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